Cultivating Contemplative Consciousness

Opening to God's Being & Becoming Within You

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A 5-hour online Centering Prayer Retreat

Take a day to re-center and deepen your practice as explore what it means to consent to God's being (presence) and becoming (action) within.

Our time together will include small group sharing, contemplative teaching, and multiple centering prayer practice sessions as well as time away from the computer for reflection.

Explore the "Two Consents" of Centering Prayer:

Consenting to God's Presence: Resting in God as the Being of our being, beyond our busy thinking, feeling and doing.

Consenting to God's Action: Allowing God to unfold in us, becoming the flowing Source from whom our life emerges moment to moment, revealing our authentic and true self.

Retreat Format

Contemplative Teaching: 2 contemplative teaching sessions grounded in moving from the head to heart

Contemplative Practice: 2 Centering Prayer, a silent prayer method that opens the heart to God’s presence.

Community Connection: Optional small group sessions for heartfelt sharing and connection with fellow contemplatives.

Facilitated by

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Keith Kristich

Founder of Closer Than Breath, Keith is a commissioned teacher of Centering Prayer through Contemplative Outreach, trained with the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in leading contemplative prayer groups & retreats, and is a certified teacher of meditation & the Enneagram.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are new to contemplation or wish to deepen your practice, this retreat is for anyone looking to deepen their "yes" to God.

This retreat is ideal for both newcomers to centering prayer and seasoned practitioners. While it is not a centering 101 course, those new to centering prayer are welcome.

We'll explore how the practice of Centering Prayer can transform us, opening our hearts to a deeper connection with the divine and our true selves.

Date & Time

Saturday, April 13th, 7am PT/10am ET

5-Hour Retreat

Join us for a time to re-center!

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